Announcing PC-Xware Version 6.0

PCX60_NewsDelivering X Windows Emulation to Microsoft Windows Desktops & Thin Client devices, PC-Xware provides users a simple way to access UNIX or Linux server-based X applications. Upgrade to Version 6 today to uncover the full potential of your Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 2008 desktop environments. Click here for more details.

PC-Xware Version 6 provides a simple way to access UNIX or Linux server based X Windows applications from your PC or thin client desktops. Our PC X server software is capable of displaying X11 Windows applications side-by-side with your Microsoft Windows desktop sessions. New features include:

  • Multi-user and multi-windows session aware
  • Optimized for Microsoft Windows® 7/XP SP3 & Windows Server 2003/8 
  • Faster performance.    
  • Improved X server reliability & performance    
  • Connects PC and Thin Client users to X Windows applications on any host    
  • Linux Compatibility    
  • Updated Licensing Model