Thin Client Computing Improves Security and Reduces Cost of Ownership
ThinPATH software and hardware products are the right solutions to eliminate security concerns and improve your IT department’s bottom line. Building “Thinfrastructure” into your environment provides IT managers with solutions that are easy to manage and cost effective, that deliver high performance and that lower your total cost of ownership while delivering the same end-user experience as standard desktop PCs.

Addressing security concerns is also high on the list. Computers containing company proprietary data are stolen every day . According to the FBI, theft is the second most prevalent computer crime, with less than 2% ever recovered. With over 600,000 computers stolen in the USA in 2004, data security is on the minds of all IT managers today and they’re wanting solutions. ThinPATH Systems provides them:

Tisio Thin Clients – Our new line of Tisio thin-client products brings you Thin Clients with Peace of Mind® – Full thin-client benefits with no user-accessible, local data storage, thereby helping to protect your company’s proprietary data.

ThinPATH PC Suite – A cost-effective product to “thin-ify” and control existing PCs as thin clients for improved desktop management and lowered TCO in server-based computing environments. Combined with ThinPATH Portal management software and Desktop Mirror, this combination helps secure and control the end-user desktop.

ThinPATH PC-Xware – Provides easy access to UNIX and Linux server-based-computing applications by integrating your X11 applications seamlessly with your traditional Windows applications.

ThinPATH Plus – Offers port mapping, audio input over RDP connections to Windows server and Terminal Services-based applications.

Legacy NCD Products – ThinPATH Systems continues to provide past NCD customers with the best products and support, including:

NCD hardware products, parts, service and support, including the NC900 X Terminals, Explora 400 series X Terminals and ThinSTAR Windows Based Terminals
NCD software products and support, including NCBridge and NCDware
Upgrades and custom configurations for legacy NCD products (e.g. Fisher Rosemount process control systems)