ThinPATH Plus

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  • Is Server Based computing a strategic choice for your company?
  • Need to deploy 50 printers to 250 users in 10 locations in 5 minutes?
  • Want to get the most out of your old PCs?

Peripheral Support for Applications under Terminal Services.

ThinPATH Plus provides support for serial, parallel and USB devices on PCs and some other thin clients connected to Microsoft Terminal Services and running applications requiring USB, COM, and LPT support. The ease of setup and administration makes ThinPATH Plus a great tool in thin-client implementations.

  • For PCs, NCD ThinSTAR and Neoware Windows-based Terminals
  • Provides support for local parallel and serial-attached printers and peripheral devices
  • Provides mapping of virtual server ports to remote RDP connected devices
  • Provides local access to USB devices that use the Windows USB to the serial port driver
  • Offers centralized administrative control of local RDP devices
  • Support for Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Service (version 3 only)
  • Support for Windows 2000, Windows NT Server 4.0 Terminal Server Edition, and Citrix ICA (version 2 only)
  • Audio support for applications running on Windows 2000 server (version 2 only)
  • Access to local PC disk drives from server sessions running on Windows 2000 server (version 2 only)
  • Enhances Microsoft’s RDP for PCs, ThinPATH PC, NCD ThinSTAR and Neoware Windows-based Terminals

As organizations deploy Microsoft Terminal Services and server-based applications to thin client and PC desktops, the need to support local printers, peripheral devices and audio at the desktop grows significantly. ThinPATH Plus software enhances Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to solve this customer need. In addition, ThinPATH Plus supports both PCs and Windows-based Terminals to provide a unified solution and a way to extend the life of installed PC resources.

Desktop Peripherals

ThinPATH Plus enables the deployment of server-based applications and transparent support for a variety of USB, serial or parallel desktop peripherals that may be used for input or output of data. This functionality is transparent to both the application and the Microsoft Terminal Services session on the server.

Supported local devices include printers and bi-directional serial devices (up to 115K baud) such as PDAs; check scanners, bar code and credit card readers for point-of-sale retail applications; dictation devices, smart card readers and light pens for point-of-care applications in the healthcare industry, and fingerprint recognition devices for security applications in the banking and airline industries. ThinPATH Plus also supports shared printers and peripherals to maximize flexibility and resources.

Windows Audio Input and Output

ThinPATH Plus software enables Windows sounds, ranging from the familiar Windows audio cues to WAV and video files to be heard at the PC or ThinSTAR Windows-based Terminal. Audio is a critical component of training or other education applications. The audio data stream dynamically adjusts to the available network load by compressing the data. This feature allows loaded networks or slower links to maintain the original fidelity of the audio without imposing arbitrary limitations.

The ThinPATH Software Family

ThinPATH Plus is a member of the ThinPATH software family that provides desktop management support for thin clients and PCs running ThinPATH PC. ThinPATH PC transforms PCs into thin clients, enabling them to be easily managed and providing enhanced functionality and flexibility for the Microsoft Terminal Services environment. ThinPATH software is built on decades of experience in meeting customer needs with industry-leading thin-client software technology.

ThinPATH Plus version 3 datasheet (339KB)

ThinPATH Plus version 2 datasheet (351KB)

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