ThinPATH PC-Xware

Delivers X Window Emulation to your PCs & Thin Client Devices

Do you…

  • Need remote access to UNIX/Linux applications?
  • Need a simplified interface to X Window applications?
  • Want support for both PC and Windows Thin Clients?
  • Require proven X11 server Reliability & Performance?
  • Need compatible with the latest Windows operating systems?

ThinPATH PC-Xware® offers:

  • X11R6 X Windows emulation software
  • Available for Microsoft Windows®, Windows Server and older Windows operating systems
  • Proven X server reliability & performance
  • Connects PC and Thin Client users to X Windows application on any host
  • Legacy terminal emulation

NCD PC-Xware V6.0 from ThinPATH Systems Inc. provides a simple way to access UNIX or Linux server-based X Windows applications from your PC or thin client desktops. Our PC-Xware software is capable of displaying X Windows applications side-by-side with your Microsoft Windows desktop sessions. NCD PC-Xware V5 is also available offering X windows emulation for older Microsoft operating systems. NCD PC-Xware has over 20 years in the market place as a viable and proven solution.

Easy Installation and Configuration – PC-Xware installs quickly and easily on a single PC or a network of PCs. For multi-user installations, the system administrator can standardize configurations and create global connections for users.

High-Performance X Server – PC-Xware combines high X Windows compliance with optimized performance for multi-user Windows systems from Microsoft. To ensure easy access between legacy and Windows applications, PC-Xware uses the advanced desktop design of Windows to access X Windows and other Intranet applications over the network. A Connection Wizard simplifies access to host applications, while central administration options allow a high degree of setup flexibility. PC-Xware Version 6 software is the fastest version ever and Includes optimized support for Windows systems.

Designed for Windows – PC-Xware Version 6 software is designed to be fully compatible with Microsoft Windows. NCD PC-Xware fully supports the integrated Windows provides Windows users with individually managed X sessions and configurations.

Optimized for thin client Server-based Computing – PC-Xware is also an ideal solution for organizations running Microsoft Windows Terminal Services. ThinPATH PC-Xware installs quickly and easily on Microsoft Windows 2003 Terminal Service or Citrix Systems MetaFrame Presentation Server to provide X Windows emulation for remote RDP or ICA sessions. System Administrators can choose the level of access and configuration control users are allowed, regardless of whether the desktop device is a PC, Windows-based Terminal, Network Computer, or Apple PC.

Graphical Keyboard Remapper – PC-Xware for Windows allows users to edit their PC keyboards using a drag-and-drop interface. This gives users a simple tool to customize their keyboards for any application.

World-Class Technical Support ThinPATH Systems delivers high-quality products backed by a variety of support options. Users have access to technical notes, direct access to support professionals via phone, fax, and e-mail; and custom consulting and training tailored to unique applications of PC-Xware.

PC-Xware Version 6 datasheet PC-Xware Version 5 datasheet

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