Turn Your PC into a Manageable Thin Client
  • Are new applications straining installed PCs?
  • Need virtual desktop support?
  • Need a simplified interface for applications?
  • Want to eliminate user changes to PC desktops?
  • Want to reduce demand on already over-burdened IT resources?
  • Limited budget to purchase thin client appliances?

ThinPATH PC is the right solution to simplify the desktop and maintain a low cost of ownership.

ThinPATH PC configures and manages PCs as thin clients to access server-based computing. ThinPATH PC reduces the cost of using PC desktops and also presents an ideal transition point for companies looking to migrate to thin client appliances.

The user interface makes it simple to access applications, but it also protects the PC from unapproved desktop changes. Applications run from Citrix, Nfuse, Terminal Services or a web server. ThinPATH PC easily distributes software to each desktop from a centralized web server. No desktop hardware or software upgrades are required prior to installation. ThinPATH PC is compatible with your virtual desktop environment.

The product supports the configured PC network including any customer-specific requirements, such as VPN security, smart card authentication, and networked printing. Systems administrators can also allow access to locally installed PC applications via the dedicated user interface.

ThinPATH PC data sheet

New! ThinPATH PC Suite combines ThinPATH PC and Portal into one easy package.

With ThinPATH PC Suite you get the same dependable ThinPATH PC and ThinPATH Portal software but for a lower price. ThinPATH PC Suite combines the ThinPATH PC, ThinPATH Portal and ThinPATH Desktop Mirror software products into one.

ThinPATH PC Suite data sheet

Download ThinPATH PC Evaluation Software

Note: ThinPATH PC is bundled with ThinPATH Portal Installation package