ThinPATH Mirror

Get the Best Functionality Out of Your Desktop.

Peripheral Support for Applications under Terminal Services.

ThinPATH Desktop Mirror Software is the right solution to leverage your desktop to achieve the greatest productivity.

Remote users, worldwide locations and a distributed workforce define today’s network challenges. Now, whether you’re in the office next door, at home or halfway around the world, ThinPATH software allows you to easily support your network’s desktops – wherever you are located. Working with Microsoft Terminal services and Citrix MetaFrame, ThinPATH software gives you the greatest flexibility and control in server-based computing.

Available for both the PC and the new Tisio Windows-based terminal, our ThinPATH Desktop Mirror and ThinPATH Load Balancing Software extend you Terminal Server environment. Working together, these components dramatically improve functionality of your desktop devices and server session management.

ThinPATH Desktop Mirror – Enables remote, centralized desktop support for installation on PCs and ThinSTAR WBTs. Via only an IP address, a person can request to “mirror” another user at any resolution or color scheme and use both the keyboard and mouse devices. View the entire desktop including terminal emulations, web browser, and setup/configuration screens, and correct problems without visiting the user’s desktop.

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